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2016 IST Advisory Committee Meeting

The IST degree program has the annual IST Advisor Committee meeting (Chair -  Ms. Belle Woodward, Associate Professor of IST) on Wednesday, October 5, 2016, which is the day after the SIU STEM Career Fair, from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM in ASA C09D. Total eight advisory committee members attended the meeting.

Advisory Committee

In the morning session, the advisory committee members served the panel discussion of the future professional careers of IST students. After that panel, all students had a group meeting with each advisory committee member. In the afternoon session, the advisory committee members met IST faculty and student representatives of student organizations to share their views of technology trends that may affect IST curriculum. Also, the future plans of IT and IS degrees, IT and IS minors, two specializations in Cyber Security and Applied Data Analytics, and two online –postbaccalaureate certificates in Cyber Security and Applied Data Analytics, and ABET CAC accreditation preps were shared with 10% enrollment growth in AY 2015 and 8.5% in AY 2016.  

  Advisory Committee

The advisory board members below attended and helped IST program: 



Dan Davis


Alden Hutchison 


Camelle Logan 

Teaming Solution 

John Morgan

Sentinel Technologies

Alex Glasnovich


Josh Backfield


Benjamin Yablonka