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Why enroll in the EST program? 

  • The 2-year BS completion degree for AAS transfer students provides a strong blend of technical and managerial skills leading to excellent employment opportunities with competitive salaries and upward mobility.
  • With the capstone option, many electronics AAS degree students can complete the upper-level coursework in 2 years, and other AAS and AS degree students in 3 years.
  • Close ties to industry representatives keep the program current ensuring graduates have the skills employees need.
  • Direct teaching by our experienced faculty provides students with excellent instruction during both lecture and laboratory time.
  • The blend of lecture and hands-on coursework provides the students both theory and application in the majority of the courses.
  • Small class sizes ensure students have personalized attention.
  • The math requirement (algebra/trigonometry) is very applicable to the needs of the students in the classroom and in their careers.
  • Projects, such as robotics and wireless data communications, provide additional experience and skills for  research, course-work, electronics club activities or personal student interest.
  • Internships provide real-world experience for the students and networking within industry.
  • In-state tuition for residents of Illinois, Indiana, Missouri and Kentucky.