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ISAT Connect is an interactive web portal that allows students, alumni, faculty, and potential students to explore Information Systems and Applied Technologies from a more personal perspective.

The major components of ISAT Connect are:

  • ISAT Social Media - Social media connections are more important today than ever before. Visit this area to find out about ISAT's vision for social media connections. You can click on our Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube links at any time while on ISAT Connect to jump into our social media connection.
  • Building Tour and ISAT Roadmaps - Using Prezi, we have created interactive guides that will assist you in finding our department and learning more about the curriculum road-map in any areas you might be interested in.
  • Registered Student Organizations (RSOs)Student Involvement offers opportunities for students to participate in approximately 400 Registered Student Organizations (RSOs), including student governmental groups, fraternities and sororities, scholastic and professional honorary societies, departmental clubs, service organizations, special interest groups, religious organizations, and sports and recreation clubs, and many more!