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Security Dawgs earned the 2nd Place at Illinois State Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition!

February 21, 2015

02212015-security dawgs

Security Dawgs during the competition break

SIU Security Dawgs participated in the Illinois State Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) at Moraine Valley Community College on Saturday February 21, 2015. The Security Dawgs team competed 8 teams from the state of Illinois, which included University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, DePaul University, John A Logan Community College, DeVry Chicago, Governors State University, and Moraine Valley Community College. 

Security Dawgs placed a very close 2nd place in the competition to DePaul University. Along with the trophy for 2nd place, we received some very nice praise. Our team had the most organized and professional inject responses. To be in the company of such disciplined, dedicated, supportive and accomplished students is awe-inspiring. ISAT is honored to share the success of our Security Dawgs with you.

The official team roster for the ILCCDC included the following students: Matthew Nicklin (Captain), Marcus Wood, Joshua Goodman, Daniel Vaughn, Cody Lingle, Jonathon Farmer, Kyle Walter, Adam Woodworth, Paul Duda, Colton Gibbons, Julius Sidabras, and Prof. Belle Woodward (advisor).

The team traveled to Chicago on Friday and received a tour of the Security Operations Center at Trustwave, and were then able to meet with four members of Trustwave's SpiderLabs team. The SpiderLabs team are a group of professional security experts who visited with the team for over an hour answering questions and giving good advice for the competition and for the team's future careers. Trustwave's Dan Davis helped the team a lot by securing a corporate donation that paid for the team to stay at a nice hotel in Chicago. Trustwave has been a great sponsor to our team and ISAT as Dan has advocated to secure equipment and travel funding for us. Thanks much! 

AISIN provided corporate sponsorship in the amount of $500 to help the team register for the competition as did many former Security Dawgs. We would like to thank them all for their support as well!

Thanks again to all who have supported the Security Dawgs team and students throughout this fun and exciting year. SIU and the state of Illinois should be proud at how they were represented by the Security Dawgs at the Illinois State CCDC 2015(