The third annual ASA Multidisciplinary Research Symposium

Southern Illinois University



College of Applied Sciences and Arts

The third annual ASA Multidisciplinary Research Symposium


The third annual ASA Multidisciplinary Research Symposium took place last Friday and Saturday in the Transportation Education Center. The Symposium started with a panel discussion on “Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) - What are They?” Mike Burgener (Moderator), Dr. Jim Peterson, Wayne Glass, Steve Goetz, and Mike Robertson were the panelists. Another panel discussion was held after lunch on Friday focusing on “Sustainable Mobility for Rural Small University Towns” with the following panelists: Ralph Tate (Moderator), Shannon McDonald, Stanley Young, Sam Chung, Michael Behrmann, Shelby Orr, Audrey Wagner, and Joseph Schafer. Becky Robinson offered a workshop on “Strategies for Successful Grant Seeking” Friday afternoon.

Saturday started with a welcome address by Geory Kurtzhais, SIU Sustainability Coordinator, who talked about the relationship between sustainability and innovation in the Applied Sciences and Arts, highlighting the current need for sustainability and how it fits into higher education and the careers for which we are preparing our students. Dr. Stanley Young from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory gave a keynote address titled “Planning for a Sustainable Surface Transportation System in an Uncertain Future” during Saturday lunch.