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Building Tour & ISAT Roadmaps | ISAT | SIU

Building Tour & Roadmaps

Welcome to the Building Tour and ISAT Roadmaps page!

On this page you can view our Prezi presentations for a more interactive introduction to our programs as well as a virtual tour of the ISAT offices located in the Applied Sciences and Arts building just off of the beautiful Campus Lake.


*All Prezis are best viewed in full screen.

ISAT | IST | EST | TRM | Building Tour

Information Systems and Applied Technologies

The ISAT Prezi gives new and incoming students an idea of how our programs work by introducing you to IST, EST and TRM. This Prezi will also outline the differences between new and transferring students programs so that you can begin your program of study hitting the ground running, thereby maximizing your capabilities and resources offered by SIU!

Information Systems Technologies

The IST Prezi introduces new and incoming students to the Information Systems Technologies program, specifically the courses required to attain a degree within either two or four years.

Electronic Systems Technologies

The EST program offers some insight into the program, course options and job opportunities so that students coming into the program will be able to make the best of their time and prepare for future employment opportunities.

Technical Resource Management

The TRM Prezi prepares students to be effective in today's dynamic environment, practical applications of contemporary issues are incorporated throughout the program.

Building Tour

This is Prezi includes a tour of the ISAT offices located in the ASA building. We will show you some of the key areas of interest such as classrooms, computer labs and offices of your professors and administrators. We look forward to meeting you!