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Alex M. Glasnovich

I was originally came to SIU for computer engineering. I found out about the ISAT Program through friends and I ended up talking to Elaine the advisor at that time and I really enjoyed the program of what it seemed like it had to offer. And I ended up switching majors.

Turning my school years, I spent two years as an undergraduate under Dr. Soares. This past year I was also working with him for a research project and an independent study. My most favorite moment would have to be going to Omaha this past year with two other IST students. We presented our web project that we worked on the whole entire year.

For the job seeking process, I ended up going to the IST Advisory Board meeting. From there I met Bonnie who was the head of the liaison at the time and I ended up being an internship there my junior year. This past year I went to the Advisory board meeting again talking with people from Boeing and then went to the career fair. I ended up having two interviews with them and then I got accepted to do an internship with them this past summer.

The Advisory Board Meeting was a really great opportunity to allow me to ask questions to hear what other students had to think about what they needed to prepare for the job people. And I feel that having managers and potential people that would be hiring if you there was a great job to figure out what exactly you need to do to get your resume and to better prepare yourself for the interviewing process and being internship or full-time job.

Currently, I'm at Boeing in St. Louis and the information technology foundation career program, ITFCP. I plan on I'm in the rotation program I'm in my first rotation as a project manager. I have two more rotations left. So I'll be here for at least the next two years. After that I plan to go get my masters in either business administration or go get it and more of technical field like as data science or predictive analytics.

To the new students coming into the program, Welcome and don't be afraid to ask professors, other students for help if you need it. Because if you don't ask you will never aware. And this program is great and will successfully help you get a job if you put in the effort. Thank you!