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Jartavius Gaston

In Fall 2014 semester, I started job seeking and I had a newborn baby. I applied many places but did not get any significant response until I got a job offer from Boeing in Spring 2015. I was actually in the process of negotiating a potential position in Boeing. But recently I got another offer from CERNER, which is one of the powerful companies in terms of healthcare data solutions. I decided to work there and my work as an Information Technology Analyst will start on June 8th!

Now I feel more secure about the future of myself and also of family. I have a new place to live with my family, which I’m proud of. Just like I had a time to manageably get along with things here since I came down to Carbondale from Chicago, I’m sure of myself getting into a new environment that could allow me to steadily step up toward a better future.

I really appreciate everything I experienced in ISAT. Professors are truly dedicated to teach technology skills by breaking down steps. Their way of teaching is beneficial enough, for beginners like me, to learn university-level techniques. But the more important thing is that they also train me how to communicate, which is essential to work in team. My research experience at SSCRL was crucial in that I got plenty of network knowledge and project management skills through SCRUM.

ISAT truly nurtured me feel confident about my field. Thank you ISAT!