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Lamont A. Belk

Lecturer of EST

Lamont A. Belk is a licensed attorney in Georgia. He has served as an adjunct professor with SIU since 2001. He earned his B.A. in Political Science from Morehouse College, and a J.D. from George Mason University School of Law. At SIU, he has taught Legal Aspects of ...read full profile >>

Earl F. Bisel

Lecturer of IST

Earl F. Bisel is a resourceful, solution-driven IT engineering professional with over 20 years progressive experience contributing to the design, deployment and management of high-availability voice and data communication networks and systems. He has a comprehensive background in ...read full profile >>

William Bonaparte

Lecturer of EST

William Bonaparte Jr. is an adjunct professor and retired electrical engineer that teach Marketing, Business, and Ethics. He earned his bachelor of science in Electrical Engineering (1976) at Milwaukee School of Engineering, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Masters in Business ...read full profile >>

Scott Steele Buchanan

Lecturer of IST

Scott Steele Buchanan
Phone: 252-723-2995
Email: scott.buchanan@siu.edu

Scott Steele Buchanan, MSIS. CISM. has a varied educational experience. His undergraduate work was at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA where he graduated with a BS in Criminal Justice and Psychology. From there he went on to pursue Masters Certificates in Information ...read full profile >>

Paula S. Croom

Lecturer of EST & IST

Paula S. Croom has extensive experience as a program manager, industrial engineer, waste certification and characterization engineer, waste minimization program lead, and as an environmental compliance authority. She is currently serving as the Division Lean Expert for ...read full profile >>

Timothy A. Dalhouse

Lecturer of EST

Timothy Dalhouse is Co-Founder and President of Vets2PM, LLC, with expertise in business and project management. Tim is a decorated Retired U.S. Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant with 24 years of active duty service, and went on to have a successful career in project management ...read full profile >>

Michael W. Dukes

Lecturer of EST

Michael Dukes has over 31 years business and technical experience with excellent qualifications in nuclear facility operations, electronic technology, and emergency preparedness, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Supplier Diversity Six Sigma (Black Belt Certified) and Lean Divisional ...read full profile >>

Leslie D. Fife, Ph.D.

Lecturer of IST

Leslie D. Fife
Phone: 318-840-3809
Email: Leslie.Fife@siu.edu 

Dr. Leslie Fife is interested in networking and security. Specifically, Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, Computer and Network Security, Information Assurance, Digital Forensics, Cloud Security and Social Networking. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Oklahoma and ...read full profile >>

Bradley C. Hagy

Senior Lecturer of IST

Brad Hagy
Office: ASA 117
Phone: 618-453-8887
Email: bradh@siu.edu

Bradly C. Hagy earned his B.S. in A.T.S. at Southern Illinois University (1994). He was awarded ISAT Term Teacher of the Year four times (2014 – 2015, 2013 – 2014, 2010 – 2011, and 2007 – 2008. He have been teaching extensive areas in ...read full profile >>

Ahreum Amy Han

Lecturer of IST

Ahreum Amy Han is a Statistician and currently with IBM and formally with Allstate Corporation and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Inc. During her graduate study, Amy has been teaching areas in business calculus and statistics. She has ...read full profile >>

Barbara A. Hardeman

Lecturer of EST

Barbara A. Hardeman works as an Administrative Hearing Officer in unemployment law since 1999, and as an Adjunct Professor who joined SIU in 2002. She earned her BS in Criminal Justice with minor in Government from Texas Woman’s University and J.D. from Texas Southern ...read full profile >>

Martin A. Hebel

Associate Professor of AVT

Martin Hebel
Office: ASA 211A
Phone: 618-453-8806
Email: mhebel@siu.edu

Martin A. Hebel is committed in researching Embedded control, Data acquisition and control, and Wireless data communications. He earned his M.S. in Workforce Education (1998), B.S. in Electronics Management (1996), and A.A.S. in Electronics Technology (1995) from Southern ...read full profile >>

Terrell J. Hebert

Lecturer of IST

Terrell Hebert earned his M.Ed. in Instructional Technology (2005), M.S. in Information Technology (2004), and B.S. in Information Technology (2003) from American InterContinental University. He enjoys teaching to share experiences and knowledge that others may use and ...read full profile >>

Kasthuri V. Henry, Ph.D.

Lecturer of EST & IST

Dr. Kasthuri Henry is an award winning writer, engaging speaker and proven financial performance management leader with over 20-years of Private and Public Sector experience alongside international exposure. A native of Sri Lanka, Kas earned her B.Sc. from Bangalore University ...read full profile >>

Thomas R. Imboden

Associate Professor of IST, Cyber Security Program Lead

Thomas R. Imboden
Office: ASA 109
Phone: 618-453-7296
Email: timboden@siu.edu
RSO: Tech Dawgs

Thomas R. Imboden, who holds several certificates such as CISSP, CompTIA Storage+, Security+, etc., is committed and passionate in researching information security; finding innovative ways to teach cyber security concepts & skills and advancing researches on security ...read full profile >>

Jeff Jockel

Lecturer of IST

Jeff Jockel has spent 25 years teaching and creating innovative business/ logistics information systems for Wall St brokerages, the Department of Defense, the Federal Government and the Healthcare industry. He has taught logistics and information systems at the United States Naval ...read full profile >>

Xiaodong Jung

Senior Lecturer of IST

Xiaodong Jung
Office: ASA 105
Phone: 618-453-7227
Email: xdjung@siu.edu

Xiaodong Jung earned her M.S. in Education (1999), B.S. in Computer Information Systems (1999) and A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems (1996) from Southern Illinois University. Her interests include Database concepts and applications, Programming logic and ...read full profile >>

Elwood Lee Kern

Lecturer of EST

Elwood Kern is an Adjunct Professor for the Off Campus Academic Programs at SIU and has been teaching for SIU since 1982. At the present time he is teaching in the EST program, but in the past has taught in the Healthcare and Aviation programs. While serving in the US Air Force he ...read full profile >>

John T. Legier, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of TRM

John T. Legier
Office: ASA 103B
Phone: 618-453-8830
Email: jlegier@siu.edu

Dr. John T. Legier is an Associate Professor and Program Coordinator of Technical Resource Management (TRM) Program. He earned his Ph.D. (2007) with an emphasis in Workforce Education and Development, M.S. in Education (2002), and B.S. in Workforce Education and Development with a ...read full profile >>

Joseph T. Lyons, DBA

Lecturer of EST & IST

Joseph T. Lyons has extensive academic and work experience as an engineer, scientist and CPA. He earned his Doctor of Business Administration (2005) from Nova Southeastern University, Master of Business Administration (1995) from Nova Southeastern University, Master of Science in ...read full profile >>

Nancy Martin, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of IST

Nancy Martin
Office: ASA 101B
Phone: 618-453-8838
Email: nlmartin@siu.edu

Nancy L. Martin, Ph.D. is committed in researching information security behavior in healthcare, technology ethics, women in technology, information systems strategy, IT and ethics pedagogy. Her current projects are “A Model of Security ...read full profile >>

David S. Musgrave

Lecturer of TRM

David Musgrave is an Adjunct Professor for the Off Campus Academic Programs at SIU and has been teaching in the Technical Resource Management (TRM) and Electronic Systems Management (EST) Programs since 2009. David has over 25 years of experience leading and directing ...read full profile >>

Steven D. Palmeri

Lecturer of IST & TRM

Steven Palmeri is an Adjunct Professor for the Off Campus Academic Programs at SIU and has been teaching for SIU in the Technical Resource Management (TRM) and Electronic Systems Management (EST) Programs since 1999. He earned his MBA with an emphasis in Marketing and a minor in ...read full profile >>

Jan V. Pastores

Lecturer of EST & IST

Jan V. Pastores has been a Principal Systems Engineer, Program/Project Management Acquisition Professional, and Aerospace Engineer while working within both the Department of Defense (DoD) and Commercial Aerospace Industry. Mr. Pastores has been an adjunct lecturer for ...read full profile >>

Steven S. Prevette

Lecturer of EST

Steven S Prevette's background includes instructing for City University of Bellevue WA at its Richland WA campus for statistics, economics, and business undergraduate and M.B.A courses. Steve has also developed and taught nuclear quality assurance courses at Aiken Technical ...read full profile >>

Stella Marie Rostkowski, Ph.D.

Lecturer of IST

Stella Marie Rostkowski, Ph.D. earned her B.A. in Secondary Education English, Speech and Performing Arts (1994), M.S. in Information Technology, Web and Graphic Design at Capella University (2005), and Ph.D. in Organization and Management, Project Management at Capella ...read full profile >>

Stephen Shih, Ph.D.

Professor of IST

Stephen Shih
Office: ASA 103A
Phone: 618-453-7266
Email: shihcs@siu.edu

Stephen C. Shih, Ph.D. is committed in researching Health Informatics, Intelligent Information Systems Design, e-Supply Chain Management, and e-Business. He earned his Ph.D. in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering from Pennsylvania State University (1992), M.S. in ...read full profile >>

James D. Sissom

Associate Professor of IST

James D. Sissom
Office: ASA 102
Phone: 618-453-6261
Email: jsissom@siu.edu
RSO: Project Mgmt Group

James D. Sissom’s research interest includes Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE), Modeling (Data, Process, Object), Business Process Redesign, Technical Project Management, Informatics and Surface Computing. His current Project is Surface Computing Platform, ...read full profile >>

Michael L. Smith

Senior Lecturer of IST & TRM

Michael L. Smith
Office: ASA 203
Phone: 618-453-7225
Email: msmith2@siu.edu

Michael L. Smith’s areas of interests include Computer Networking and Network Security, Big Data, Government Computing Standards, Geographic Information Systems, Technical Writing, Labor Relations, Legal Issues in Information Technology, IT Project Management and HIPAA ...read full profile >>

Junior Nathan Stroud

Lecturer of EST & IST

Junior Nathan Stroud earned his B.S. in Electronic Systems Technologies at Southern Illinois University (2011) and M.S. in Administration at Central Michigan University (2014). He is currently a Biomedical Technician and a Manager of the Acceptance Dept. at the Dept. of the ...read full profile >>

Lorenzo Vazquez

Lecturer of TRM

Currently Lorenzo Vazquez is an adjunct professor for the Off Campus Academic Programs at SIU and has been teaching for the Public Service Management (PSM) and Technical Resource Management (TRM) programs since 2008. He earned a MS in Public Safety Administration from Lewis ...read full profile >>

Andy Ju An Wang, Ph.D.

Professor of IST, Dean of College of Applied Sciences and Arts

Andy Wang
Office: ASA 222
Phone: 618-536-6682
Email: awang@siu.edu

Dr. Andy J. Wang centers his research interest on component-based software engineering, and recently on information security and computing education. With over 30 years of experience in higher education, Dr. Wang has served at the levels of department chair, research coordinator, ...read full profile >>

Gregory N. West

Lecturer of TRM

Gregory West currently works full time as the Dean for the School of Protective and Human Services at Waukesha County Technical College in Pewaukee, WI. He serves as a volunteer firefighter/paramedic within his community; is a member of the State of Wisconsin governor-appointed ...read full profile >>

Belle S. Woodward

Associate Professor of IST

Belle S. Woodward
Office: ASA 101A
Phone: 618-453-7208
Email: bellew@siu.edu

Belle S. Woodward is committed in researching Ethics Education and Assessment in IT, Designing a student-centered learning environment using collaborative learning strategies and integrating Distance-Learning, Curriculum design for information systems technologies and ...read full profile >>

Edward C. Workman

Senior Lecturer of IST & TRM

Edward C. Workman
Office: ASA 117
Phone: 618-453-7293
Email: workman@siu.edu

Edward C. Workman earned his M.S. in Forestry from Southern Illinois University (1996) and B.S. in Forestry from Michigan Technological University (1975). He was awarded ISAT Term Teacher of the Year three times (2008 – 2009, 2009 – 2010, and 2012 – ...read full profile >>

Kelyn R. Young

Lecturer of TRM

Kelyn R. Young
Phone: 618-971-7918
Email: kryoung@siu.edu

Kelyn Young's areas of interest include Project Management in Business and Industry, Management of Quality Processes in Business and Industry, Practical Applications of Statistics in Business and Industry, Six Sigma Methodology as a tool in a Continuous Improvement cycle, World ...read full profile >>

Thomas A. Zach

Lecturer of EST

Thomas Zach spent over 26 years active duty in the United States Air Force where he installed, maintained, taught and managed a variety of electronic communications systems. During his active duty time, he also taught classes in electronics technology as an adjunct instructor for ...read full profile >>