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Nathan Christin

Development Engineer

Dickey-John, Auburn, IL.

"My time in the EST program gave me the tools, experience, and relationships I needed to be hired for a job that I really enjoy."

Nick Congairdo

Pinball Mechanic/Electronics Tech

B & B Management, Murphysboro, IL

"I was very impressed with the faculty at SIU. I have kept in touch with a few since graduating and they have been more than helpful with job leads and technical advice. I think the EST program is essential for the average electronics technician to get a leading edge in the job market."

Lynnsei DeSmith

Sheffield, IL

Biomedical Equipment Technician (BMET)

Micromedical Technologies, Chatham, IL

"I received great support from the faculty the first day I started the program.  That support continued after graduation in helping me locate and land this great job!"

Louis Gordon

Madison, WI

Emdat, Inc

Data Specialist

"I liked working with the faculty, it was much more personal than other programs from what I've seen."

Will Hudgens

Controls Engineer Trainee

Norfolk/Southern Railroad Corp., Chicago, IL

Jeremy Hunter

John A. Logan ELT Transfer
Wind Turbine Control Operator

Duke Energy

"All faculty and staff were very friendly and eager to help students. EST faculty were very knowledgeable in the field, and many brought a lot of real world experiences into the classroom and lab."

Matt Spaniol


Controls Engineer

Automation and Controls Concepts, St. Louis, MO

"The University in general was a great experience. I cannot say enough good things about the program, the instructors, and staff.  The education was great!"

Cory Trumpane

Hinsdale, IL

Management Trainee

Norfolk/Southern Railroad Corp., Chicago, IL

"Great Professors that all go above and beyond to help you if you ever have questions or are having trouble understanding the material.  Now I am on a fast track to a great management position."

Crystal Lampley

Tyler Technologies The Software Group Division - Dallas, TX

Bio:  After graduating from the EST program I relocated to Dallas TX to pursue a career with Tyler Technologies: The Software Group Division. Tyler specializes in judicial case management software used in courthouses.  My career with Tyler allows me to travel around the Continental US configuring software and training end-users.

"The EST program prepared me for my career by teaching me in-depth troubleshooting skills, the ability to work in a team environment, flexibility to adapt to the outside world, and personal responsibility. The professors are exceptional with real world experience and teaching methods. Plus the small class size allows for the theories learned in the classroom to be applied in the lab, which is crucial for the retention of information and to nurture independent thinking. EST allowed me to find my confidence and strengths while defining myself as a functional contributing adult. I am honored to represent Females in Electronic System Technologies in everything I do and everywhere I go."

Zak McCrary

System Tester
AmerenUE, St. Louis, MO

"The instructors in the EST program did a fantastic job presenting the materials and making every possible effort to ensure we learned what we were being taught. I think the ISAT program is perfect for people who want to hit the ground running when they graduate and get to work. A lot of what I learned I have been able to apply to my job."

James Watkins

Cairo, IL

Management Trainee

Norfolk/Southern Railroad Corp., Decatur, IL

"The program was great!  The more you put into it, the you will gain from it."

Hee Won Yoon

Equipment Specialist

Mariner Corps Systems Command

"The decision to attend SIUC through the military was one of the best decisions of my life. The degree I earned has not only helped me with my current job of providing acquisition, logistics, and provisioning support, but has prepared me well for my ongoing graduate level studies in Project Management. I enthusiastically recommend SIUC and the EST program to my fellow Marines and other veterans out there."

Dustin Cash

Equipment Engineering Technologist

North American Lighting, Flora, IL

"I loved it couldn't do it without one on one help from the instructors."

Joshua Bradley

Senior ECM Technician

Southern Illinois Automotive, Tilden, IL

"Liked all of my professors and faculty. They were always willing to help with problems or questions. The quality of educations was good and I always recommend SIUC to prospective students."