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The electronic systems technologies degree prepares students for a wide range of hands-on careers in the electronics fields. Specific areas of studies concentrate on teaching the skills and knowledge needed to work in high-demand, specific industries. The automation and control technology area of study can lead to positions as control systems engineers, PLC programmer, automation control engineer or Technician. The Biomedical Equipment Technology area of study prepares students for careers as biomedical technicians or field representatives. For careers in computers and networking, such as network administration, the Networking & Telecommunications area of study is a great fit. The Specialization in Electronics Management would be recommended for those with prior electronics work experience and wishing to expand into management roles.

Beyond the specific areas taught, the EST degree can be used to gain entry into a wide range of careers in the electronics field including, but not limited to, electronics technician, field service technician, instrumentation technician, mass transit engineer and embedded systems developer. 

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