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Students in electronic systems technologies are required to serve a one month (40-hour week) long internship. The purpose of the internship is to provide the student with an opportunity to apply skills gained in the academic setting, in either a hospital or corporate environment. The internship work experience should include a well rounded exposure to the operation, calibration, inspection, preventative maintenance and repair of technical equipment. The internship is offered in fall, spring and summer semesters. The course has a three- to four-credit hour requirement, (150 to 200 hours of internship work) and is graded on a pass/fail basis.

Students in a specialization requiring an internship have completed either the Associate degree program in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts or its equivalent. This background of study includes fundamentals of electricity, electromechanics, digital electronics, and industrial instrumentation.

While the advantages of an internship for the student may be obvious, there are also advantages to the facility sponsoring the internship. Some of these advantages would include the following:

  1. The ability to recruit graduates for permanent employment following the completion of the internship. Hiring staff already trained in the specifics of procedures at a particular site is a major advantage. These people will require less orientation time than a person not familiar with the facility.
  2. Utilizing students also allows some flexibility in staffing, especially as students gain proficiency in day-to-day procedures. Higher productivity levels could be realized by allowing the interns to perform minor repair, calibration, and inspections which could give the more experienced staff members more time to deal with complex technical problems.
  3. The interaction of the students with the staff can be mutually beneficial. When the staff members are in a position of providing guidance to the intern and responding to questions, fundamental concepts are reviewed and new insights can be obtained which can lead to positive changes.


The following requirements must be satisfied prior to awarding credit for the internship.

  1. The student must submit one completed Internship Agreement form to the Internship Coordinator or the student's scholastic advisor prior to the initiation of the program.
    Attachment 1 - Internship Agreement
  2. The work supervisor must submit two Evaluation reports during the internship. These reports are due at the middle and at the end of the internship.
    Attachment 2 - Evaluation Reports
  3. The student is required to submit a work summary at the end of the four week period to the Internship Coordinator. The format for the summary will consist of four weekly summaries, each with the following two sections:
    1. A summary listing of duties performed during single week.
    2. This section will contain a description of how you feel various tasks have contributed to your skills or knowledge.
    • A sample work summary has been provided:
      Example 1
  4. The student is required to submit a typed final report which is due during the week which follows the last day of the internship. This report should be a narrative describing the duties performed and general summary of the job. The student should also include personal feelings about the internship. For example, would the student like to continue working on a permanent basis at the internship site, did the internship site provide valuable learning experiences, and how important is the internship in regards to career development?

Contact EST Internship Coordinator


Associate Professor of AVT

Martin Hebel
Office: ASA 211A
Phone: 618-453-8806