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Career Opportunities

IST students are in high demand for internships and other opportunities that can lead to jobs upon graduation.  We have an outstanding job placement rate regarding information technology, which gives you the opportunity to step directly from the classroom into your future. A list of employers who pursue Information Systems Technologies graduates include: Boeing, Caterpillar, Central Intelligence Agency, Cerner, Chrysler Corporation, Commonwealth Edison, Dow Chemical, Electronic Data Systems, Federal Aviation Administration, Ford Motor Company, General Dynamics, General Motors, General Tire, GE Motor Company, GTE North, Huff Architectural Group, Illinois Department of Transportation, Illinois Power, Illinois State Police, Martin Marietta, McDonnell Douglas, Midas International, Mitsubishi Motor Sales, Motorola, PepsiCo, Inc., Roadmaster Corporation, State Farm Insurance, TransAmerica Corporation, Trustwave, United Airlines, Universal Studios, Wal Mart, Western Baptist Hospital, and many more.

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