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School Teacher of Year (TOY): Dr. Nancy L. Martin and Mr. Edward Workman

The main purpose of the Teacher of the Year (TOY) award is to recognize the contributions of our tenured/tenure-track and term faculty for the year. No one person has a greater impact on the student success than does the teacher who creates the learning environment where students flourish and grow. This TOY award at department/school level is to honor, promote, and celebrate teaching excellence in the individual academic areas. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the students and the programs. Congratulations! 

School Teacher of Year (TOY) School Teacher of Year (TOY)

College Teacher of Year (TOY): Dr. Nancy L. Martin

Every year, CASA selects T/TT Teacher of the Year or Outstanding Term Faculty Teaching Awards among TOY recipients of each department/school in CASA. Please join me in congratulating our ISAT T/TT TOY recipient, Dr. Nancy Martin, on receiving this prestigious award.

 School Teacher of Year (TOY)


Student’s tenacity and drive were keys to success

Xavier Aguirre has always enjoyed “figuring things out.”
With the help of several mentors at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Aguirre also relied on his own drive and organizational skills that will enable the first-generation college student to graduate with honors and a degree in Information Systems Technologies (IST) later this week. A 2017 McNair Scholar who owns a 3.906 GPA, Aguirre also learned on his own to cope with dyslexia. Read more...

Student’s tenacity and drive were keys to success


Applied Sciences and Arts (ASA) Multidisciplinary Research Symposium (MRS) 2017 

ASA MRS 2017 hosted a student poster competition to provide a forum for students actively engaged in research or significant course projects to present their work to a jury of esteemed educators and professionals. IST students received two awarded monetary prizes for their first and second place. Read more...

• Applied Sciences and Arts (ASA) Multidisciplinary Research Symposium (MRS) 2017


 SIU hosted Cybersecurity Day

SIU hosted Cybersecurity Day Saturday for future cyber security teams.
Teams from local high school and junior colleges joined the SIU team to solve different cyber scenarios that organizers say are a growing threat.

Cybersecurity Day

The Emerging World of Information Technology

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Recreation meets a drone with web technologies

Ali Khamesipour , Charith Atapattu, and Jeremy Kim, members of the ISAT Smart & Secure Computing (SSC) Research Group led by Dr. Sam Chung have used Drone to learn programming, networking, data analytics, and security.


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