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Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Cybersecurity | ISAT | SIU

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Cybersecurity

Available Summer 2020, the post-baccalaureate Certificate in Cybersecurity enables students to focus on advanced cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and abilities. This certificate allows students to build knowledge in many aspects of security from the perspective of computer networking including: wireless communications, system administration, and policy and risk management. This certificate focuses on the hands-on, organizational, and applied aspects of cybersecurity. The certificate program requires students to complete 18 credit hours of graduate level coursework.

Required Courses (12 Credit Hours):

  • ITEC 501-3  Cybersecurity Fundamentals
  • ITEC 502-3  Data and Software Security
  • ITEC 503-3  Cyber Physical Systems Security (Prerequisite: ITEC 501)
  • ITEC 506-3  Cyber Forensics (Prerequisite: ITEC 501 and ITEC 502) 

Technical Electives (6 Credit Hours):

  • ITEC 505-3  Cybersecurity Metrics and Quantitative Approaches (Prerequisite: ITEC 502)
  • ITEC 507-3  Social Computing and Cyber Intelligence (Prerequisite: ITEC 502)
  • ITEC 509-3  Advanced Topics in Cybersecurity (Prerequisite: ITEC 506)
  • ITEC 511-3  Cybersecurity Research Project

Online Post-baccalaureate Certificate in Cyber Security program description (pdf)