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The IT minor introduces students to the study of information technology principles and skills to meet the needs of users within an organizational and societal context through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of computing technologies. Because of its broad appeal to disciplines requiring the use of information technology, the minor in IT is an excellent complement to any degree program, regardless of major.

Required (6 credit hours)

IST 209           Introduction to Programming

ISAT 216         Information Security Fundamentals

Elective Courses (9-12 credit hours)

Data Analytics and Management

IST 334             Database Design & Processing

IST 370             Database Programming with SQL

IST 371             Intro to Applied Data Analytics

One of ITEC 373, 374, 411, 418, or 471


ISAT 224          Network Fundamentals

ISAT 316          Introduction to Cyber Operations

ISAT 335          System Administration

One of ITEC 440, 460, 461, or 465

Systems Analysis & Design

IST 334             Database Design & Processing

IST 404             IT Project Management

IST 412             IS Analysis & Design

Web & Mobile Application Development

IST 312             Programming II

IST 336             Web-Based Applications

IST 405             Server-Side Web Development

IST 422             Mobile Programming


The minor in Game Design and Development (GDD) is a multi-disciplinary minor offered by the School of Information Technology (IT) and the College of Mass Communication and Media Arts (MCMA). The purpose of this minor is to prepare students who wish to enter the field of game design and development. The Game Design and Development minor requires 15 credits. For IT majors, the required courses are RTD 201 and IST 392; for all other majors IST 209 and MCMA 499 are required. Only after completing 12 credit hours in GDD can students take the capstone course of IST 392 (IT major) or MCMA 499 (RTD major). This course is co-taught by two faculties (one from IST and one from MCMA) as an independent study. The GDD minor students are required to display their final project at each program's website and/or showcase.