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itec minor

ITEC Minor


The minor in Information Technology (ITEC) is offered to meet the demands of the 21st century workplace. The ITEC minor introduces students to the study of information technology principles and skills to meet the needs of users within an organizational and societal context through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of computing technologies. Because of its broad appeal to disciplines requiring the use of information technology, the minor in ITEC is an excellent complement to any degree program, regardless of major.

The ITEC minor requires 18 credit hours that consists of two required and four elective courses. The courses required to complete this minor include ITEC 209 and ITEC 216. Because of diverse student backgrounds and demands, ITEC minor students can choose interests in Data Analytics and Management, Cybersecurity, Systems Analysis and Design, or Web and Mobile Application Development. Alternatively, ITEC minor students may select their own courses among the approved ITEC minor elective courses.

All prerequisites for these courses must be fulfilled prior to enrollment in each course. All courses for this minor must be completed with a grade of C or better. All students who wish to enroll in this minor must do so through the ITEC advisor.

Information Technology Minor

Required (6 credit hours)

ITEC 209        Introduction to Programming

ITEC 216        Information Security Fundamentals

Elective Courses (9-12 credit hours)

Data Analytics and Management

ITEC 334          Database Design & Processing

ITEC 370          Database Programming with SQL

ITEC 371          Intro to Applied Data Analytics

One of ITEC 418, ITEC 431, ITEC 432, ITEC 470, or ITEC 471


ITEC 224         Network Fundamentals

ITEC 228         Intro to Cyber Operations

ITEC 235         System Administration

Two of ITEC 342, ITEC 417, ITEC 440, ITEC 460, ITEC 461, or ITEC 465

Systems Analysis & Design

ITEC 334          Database Design & Processing

ITEC 404          IT Project Management

ITEC 412          IS Analysis & Design

One of ITEC 380 or ITEC 446

Web & Mobile Application Development

ITEC 236          Web-Based Applications in Information Technology

ITEC 312          Programming II

ITEC 405          Server-Side Web Development

ITEC 422          Mobile Programming